Create a Review Site with WordPress

One of the most popular ways of integrating affiliate marketing into your overall business plan is by creating a review website. With the amount of money made by individuals and corporations via affiliate marketing, one would want to incorporate it into his/her business model. However, knowing how to start and set up a review site with WordPress is one of the many roadblocks encountered by a lot of aspiring affiliate marketers.

Setting up a proper review site with WordPress can be a bit tricky, especially for first-time affiliate marketers. Therefore, this post aims to describe what a review site is and show you how to make a brilliant one with WordPress.

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Prevent Image Hotlinking in WordPress

Some of the most precious commodities of any website are its images. Unfortunately, these are the resources that many users try to leech off unsuspecting, ignorant website owners. A common way in which this leaching takes place is through image hotlinking. Luckily, it is really easy to prevent image hotlinking in WordPress.

This post aims to shed more light on image hotlinking in WordPress, how it works and how website owners can protect their sites from it.

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Change Your Username in WordPress

WordPress does not allow you to change your username by default. It is something you would expect a software like WordPress to have out of the box.

There are many reasons why you would want to change your username. If your username is admin, then you might want to make it less obvious. If your site is open to public registrations, then you might want to change some bad usernames.

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Disable and Limit Post Revisions in WordPress

WordPress saves revisions of each posts every 60 seconds to make the editing flow better. It allows the author to go through the old revisions of the post in case the author removed something and now wants to restore it.

While post revisions are useful, they take a lot of space in your database. For the users who do not want post revisions, they can simply disable or limit post revisions in WordPress with a few lines of code.

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Add User Contact Fields in WordPress

Every user profile in WordPress has few user contact fields that can be used to display to their user or author profile. There used to be fields for some social networks, such as Yahoo IM and Jabber, in the past but WordPress has removed it from its core since.

You can extend the profile contact fields by adding more fields using the user_contactmethods filter.

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